Learn To Dance Like The Stars!

This Course Will Teach You To Dance Like A Star!!

Click Here To Learn How To Dance The Cha Cha

Learn To Dance The Cha Cha

Louis is known for his celebrity dance instruction, and even HE claims that most celebrities LOVE the cha cha. It's fun, it works your body well, and is easy to learn for anyone! Grab your partner, and CHA CHA your way to a healthier body.

Learn How To Dance The Fox Trot

Learn To Dance FoxTrot

FoxTrot is FOXY! Learn this dance, and you can easily incorporate it into any of the other popular dances. What's better is your love life will also have a new sparkle as you and your partner learn to trot to perfection.

LearnTo Dance The Jive

The Jive

Do you know how to Jive? This is a fast-paced, very exciting dance to learn! You get to let loose and release all that stress and tension with your partner! Easy to learn and will be a great cardio workout!

LearnTo Dance The Rhumba

The Rhumba

The Rhumba is a very sexy dance and a great waist trimmer! Lose inches on your hips too! This video takes you through all the sexy steps with Louis and Irina, leading the way. Passion is back, and your about to find it again!

Learn To Dance The Salsa

Learn To Dance Salsa!

Salsa is seductive and you'll be dancing closer to your partner than you ever imagined!  Want your partner to remember why they fell in love, learn the Salsa with a mixture of creative footsteps and easy moves! Watch out, this dance screams SEXY!

Learn To Dance The Samba

The Samba

Samba is a great dance to learn if you are going away on vacation soon. This video will have the crowd circling you as you strut your stuff and make your partner look great in the process. The Samba is an amazing energy builder too.

Learn To Dance The Tango

Learn To Dance Tango

The Tango will give you reason to get off your chair and experience the sexy, seductive moves of this breathtaking dance! Easy to learn, this tango will give you a reason to smile. Others will step aside, to watch you dance this special dance on the dance floor!

Learn To Dance The Waltz

Learn To Dance The Waltz

The Waltz is a softer and more structured dance, it allows room for creativity and will have you gazing into your partners eyes a lot. It's sexy, sensual, and also makes you trim your thighs/hips and overall energy your body produces.

Let's Dance Louis!

So you've seen the hit TV show "Dancing With The Stars", you've watched Louis choreograph and teach all the celebrities to dance their best, and now YOU are thinking of finally taking those 2 left feet and turning them into dangerous ballroom weapons....

Can You Lose Weight Dancing?

Are you kidding? Dancing is one of the BEST ways to keep fit, stay ahead of your diet, lose your unwanted body fat, get a trim waste line and firm abs. Why? Because dancing is the best cardio with least effort.

We say that because dancing is NOT a workout by nature, it is FUN and most people don't even realize they are toning and sculpting their bodies at the same time! Within just weeks, stars on Dancing with the Stars, were losing inches and enjoying a whole new body thanks to the ballroom dance training! Now, it's your turn!

Why Louis?

Louis Van Amstel has spent his entire life dedicated to his talents. This isn't just a dance class, THIS is a world renowned instructor that teaches some of the BEST and most recognized names on the planet.

In fact, WE DARE YOU to try our program and fail! If you DO, we will proudly buy it back from you for 100% of your money within 56 days or 8 weeks of ordering. THAT'S how positive we are with Louis! Not to mention his partner Irina is one of the most beautiful and talented dancers you'll ever set eyes on. Irina and Louis will make you feel like... DANCING! Getting romantic and intimate with your movements and contact while you spin, step, swing and unleash powerful, energetic and beautiful dance moves - TOGETHER!



Here Is Just A Sample Of One Of The Eight Videos

So YOU Want To Learn How To Dance?!

Don't worry, even I use to suck at dancing, until I had some inspiration to actually learn the steps. The truth is, it LOOKS hard, but it's actually quite easy once we get those basics out of the way. This course was designed to teach you both the basics and some intermediate-advanced ballroom steps to turn YOU into a dance floor machine in no time! I've enjoyed teaching dance for many years now, from celebrities to small sized pro classes, they all have the same reaction to my course:

Makes You Trim Your Body


Beat Your Fear Of Dancing!
Injects Romance Into Your Life

Learn Real Steps In 20 Minutes!


Learn About Posture, Expression
"Worth Every Penny!"

Guaranteed to laugh A Lot!


Confidently Dance Anywhere!
"Now WE LOVE Dancing!"

Verified Testimonials

"I LOVE my "Let's Dance with Louis" DVD set. I found Louis' teaching style to make learning so effortless, even my husband can do this with two left feet! Bonus - Just learning the Jive alone, I am getting my waist back again! You can't beat a deal like that: Easy learning curve & Returning body curves!" - Bunny Dunn Salt Lake City, Utah
"I loved this system so much, that I am buying it for all of my children- they are all grown and married and I can't imagine a better gift. Every marriage needs a little spice! And it can get everyone in shape!"- Tami H. Riverside,  California
"My husband and I are not what I consider dancers! We are actually learning to dance for the first time in our lives... and we laugh the whole time we are learning! Now, we are excited to go hit the dance floors together and try out all of our new moves!"
- Kristy and Scot R. Hawaii

"We have been watching the show for a couple of years and I am excited to learn this with my girlfriend. I am surprising her for Christmas - I wanted to give her something romantic and she will love this! - Bryce B. Utah

Today's Bonus

The bonus audio I'm giving you today was custom made for this collection, and comes with every single order free of charge! These are in .mp3 format, you can burn them to CD to practice anywhere. The more you practice (though it's like riding a bike, once you got it, you don't forget), the more you will experience all of the reactions listed above. Yes, it's true - you can lose weight, put a spark back into your romance, gain confidence, stay healthy and be an overall happier person with the great power of dancing!

To take advantage of today's special launch combo offers, please choose your favorite package below. If you're not sure which one to pick, grab them all and become a ballroom pro at any dance or function you ever attend!


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You Get Over 3hrs Worth Of Instructions,
And You will Also Get Access To Our VOB Files So You Can Burn Original Quality DVD's!!

All 8 Plus Bonus Audio CD - $99.97Best Deal! All 8 For Only $99.97 + Get A Bonus Audio CD!


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We guarantee that if you are not a more educated and motivated dancer by the time you get through Louis' course, or if you are not satisfied for any reason within the first 56 days or 8 weeks, you will receive a 100% no hassle refund. No Risk, yet huge rewards!

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